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Going Global : Culture Shock, Convergence, and the Future of Education¬†immediately caught my attention. It was quite interesting to read about the different opinions on learning or teaching in another culture. Most of the contributors seemed to agree though that this opportunity provided them with a broader perspective. I also found it interesting when Jane Ross mentioned that she feels quite at home in both cultures – Jakarta and Australia – and sometimes she forgets which one is her “first” culture. I can identify with this. Every summer I fly “home” to Austria, and I am constantly talking about what I will be doing at “home” and what I am especially looking forward to. Then after a couple of weeks in Austria, I cannot wait to go “home” to Atlanta. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Whatever I personally fell about my two homes, the experiences in both cultures certainly offers me many ways to offer my students insights into how things are done differently in both cultures and, more importantly, why they are different.¬† This is certainly an important distinction, as we want our students to be open-minded about other cultures.

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  1. What a great perspective you have! I live in a small community and hope that the power of the Internet will bring information about other cultures to the students in our area. One of my biggest fears for my own children is growing up in a homogeneous world. My hope is that teachers today will embrace the possibilities and use it in their teaching!

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